Frequently asked questions.
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Yes, provided that the manufacturer of the respective DMX interfaces provides the corresponding 64 bits drivers.


You can use the demo version of LumiDMX as much as you want. The only restriction in the demo mode is that the DMX output will be deactivated after a certain running time (~ 30 min).

Yes, provided that the device drivers of the respective manufacturers do not interfere with each other.

Yes. LumiDMX contains an efficient multimedia time line which allows placing any given number of music pieces or effects on 2 audio lines. There is also the possibility of adapting sequences to the audio beat automatically.


LumiDMX searches for interfaces of all installed manufacturers in the standard setting while starting. Some drivers (e.g. DMX4ALL) need some seconds to search for devices. Within the "settings" menu > DMX hardware you can select which device should be searched at the start.