USB one

USB one is a DMX interface with a robust steel housing. DMX signals are  generated and evaluated by this hardware. Therefore, running both DMX-Out or DMX-In signals are possible. The USB one interface is compatible for 64-bit versions and is delivered with a digital signed driver.

- 512 Channels DMX-In / DMX-Out via XLR 5-Pin
- Microsoft® certified 32 & 64 Bit Driver
- Robust steel housing
- Highspeed USB2.0
- Power Supply via USB
- Up to 60 Devices simultaneously (with active USB hubs)
- Made In Germany

Dimensions (LxWxH): 72 x 34 x 38 mm
For DMX-In an addictional gender-changer (male/male adaptor) is required.


The OpenDMX is a good and robust USB DMX Interface made by ENTTEC. Via virtual COM Port driver (FTDI), DMX signals are transmitted to the interface. This interface is compatible for 64-bit versions.

- 512 Channels DMX-Out via XLR 5-Pin
- Robust steel housing
- Highspeed USB2.0
- Power supply via USB

  Dimensions (LxWxH): 64 x 40 x 40 mm



LumiDMX does not support only one DMX < > PC interface but a wealth of combination possibilities of different manufacturers. An integrated device manager allows it to use different devices parallel and to patch on the desired DMX universes.

The following manufacturers are supported at the moment:


Soundlight, DMX4ALL, LumiDMX, Digital Enlightment, Dworkin, ENTTEC, SandBox, Velleman