LumiDMX - The innovation of lighting control!

With the variety of possibilities that LumiDMX offers, it is the perfect environment to unleash your creativity. At live concerts you have everything at your fingertips with the integrated live view. You can also easily improvise at any time. DMX devices arranged on the 2D view can be found and controlled in seconds.

The multimedia timeline facilitates the creating of a synchronized audio light show. With full compatability to a number of DMX interfaces you can use interfaces of different manufacturers at the same time. And with the enclosed device library you are always prepared for your event. The library is being continuously extended so that you are always up to date. LumiDMX can provide update with new devices automatically on request. If you have a device that is not available in the library yet, you can create it in a few steps with the integrated ScanEditor. Or, even better, Just send us a short email and we create your desired device and add it to the library for you.

“Time is money” is the slogan today. With the support of several pre-visualization technologies, like the LIGHTBOX, ESP vision or WYSIWYG, your are able to develop and present the complete light show already before the start of the production.

Since LumiDMX 4 a fantasic realtime rendering software is included.


For indoor/outdoor lighting, DJs, discos, bars, clubs, stages, concert, theatre, opera, live bands, hotels… LumiDMX knows no limits!



Minimum system requirements

- Windows 98, 2000, XP (32 or 64* Bit), Vista (32 or 64* Bit), 7

- 1 GHz Processor - 256MB RAM (recommended 1GB)

- 100MB free disk space

- 1024 x 768 px display resolution (bigger recommended)

- CD-ROM (for the CD Installation)

- USB 1.0 oder USB 2.0

 * Please be aware that the used DMX Interface also supports 64 bit operating systems.