The Primary resource is LumiDMX's X1 3D Visualizer which comes included with all LumiDMX software. For more information go here: http://www.lumidmx.com/en/lumidmx-x13d


And LumiDMX also supports several possibilities to visualize your project in advance and as realistic represented as possible.




Vision is a professional real time rendering software which can be driven as a normal DMX interface in LumiDMX. There is also the possibility to control vision via TCP/IP. LumiDMX offers the option of importing or exporting a complete device patch of vision. Consequently, you have to create your devices only once.





WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) is a 3D previsualization and planning software of the company Cast software. LumiDMX has a compatible driver to control Wysiwyg like such as a DMX interface. LumiDMX is also contained in the Wysiwyg device list.



Lighbox Modellighting


With the true-to-scale model lighting system you are able to illuminate a real stage model in the exact scale. All components are DMX-controllable. Almost all lighting appliances can be simulated by a sophisticated pmma fiber optic / LED system – and all this in real time! For more information visit the product web site: www.seelightbox.de