LumiDMX includes a fixture library that offers a wide variety of professional devices. Every fixture contains individual functions like pan/tilt, colors, gobos, focus etc., which can be easily controlled by the mixer. A ScanEditor, which helps you to create your own fixtures, is also included in the package. The library is regularly updated. LumiDMX always searches for the current update so that you are up to date all the time.



All devices can be grouped differently. Subgroups can be created as well. This facilitates the controlling of several devices at the same time and keeps your working area clear. You can easily insert the devices by dragging & dropping from the device library. If, afterwards, you decide to change the address of a device, all shows and sequences are updated automatically.



In the device panel you have an overview of all functions of all your devices at any time and can you easily control these. RGB and CMYK channels can be controlled by a color wheel.