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Simple, comprehensible, clear, efficient, great service!

LumiDMX is the right program for our purposes. Our focus is on easy and clear DMX programming which can be set up, suited to tracks. Whether scanner, ignition boxes, fog machines, flame generators or all kinds of DMX machines.


We can define all effects through exact cue points. Comprehensible machine installation as well as clear arranged 2D view, in which we can integrate an own stage as a picture help us enormously to operate the machines.

Further help is the effect generator, which can generate any number of effects from simple to complex. By the phase displacement and added adjustment possibility of the Pan and Tilt invert or XY transposition, sequences generate, which were not clearly adjustable up to now but now they open new opportunities.
The generating sequences can be included without difficulty in the show and nearby modified again, whether fade times or the functions copy and paste. All sequences are regulated by time, per MIDI, per button, per sound or rate, automatically in the live overview.

Quick help among questions round the program is commendable. Even improvement requests can be brought in, after a short time per update as required.

Conclusion: simple, comprehensible, clear, efficient, great service

Daniel Hoyer, Project Fire® - www.projectfire.de


LumiDMX is a fully developed and professional software

LumiDMX is a fully developed and professional software both for home use and for big events. By operating of most DMX universes with just one software, it makes easier to program light shows and it helps to synchronize individual effects. The live mode is designed simply, where you can intervene directly or it is possible to let run programmed sequences. Even the chaser time is adjustable. The editor feature is also well designed, so it is easy to create quickly and effectively an own sequence. This is very important at some events, namely then when time is limited. Further, you can program a complete light show, suitable to the music. So, you start the program and enjoy the show. Altogether, I recommend the program, it is easy and intuitive to handle and suitable for touring. It can handle the so called softpatch, too. I have not mentioned all functions because the text would be too long but I hope I could give a short insight.
I believe that, there is no need for expensive lighting consoles. This software replaces it wholeheartedly and overtakes conventional lighting controls in parts.

Chatri Czichon (BeatDJ)


LumiDmx in a training of media technological assistants at vocational school

According to a change in lesson plan for the training of media technological assistants, the subject of event technologies was scheduled. Computer and spotlights were there but what next?

During a traineeship attendance to "FREESTYLERS" in Calvörde, the problem was suddenly solved. "We’ve got something," developer Thomas Franke opined and presented the program LumiDMX. There was a short introduction to the vocational school. Then classes could begin. Even students, who never had something to do with spotlights and its application, were enthused. After a short time, they were able to program spotlights and shows.
LumiDMX is a program, which combines an enormous range of applications and easy handling. The new version 4.0 is a quantum leap. In addition to a better interface, 3D objects can be included. These objects, for example, can be created in Cinema 4D. Here, apprentices are able to create its stage with traverses, insert smoothly in LumiDMX3D and simulate complete lighting.
Great thanks go to "FREESTYLERS" for the brilliant program and the extensive help.

Harald Märtens
Berufsbildende Schulen Haldensleben


With LUMIDMX everything becomes brighter

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My name in Mihai Berdeiu. I am from Romania and I work to a electro-industrial project, hope until summer we'll be on stage. I want a complete show for this project and beside the guys playing on the stage I think the video projections and a well defined light show are mandatory. I've played with a hardware DMX Control Desk - STAIRVILLE DMX-MASTER but after 30 minutes I was totally dissapointed - it's intuitive like a peanut (at least if you're not a NASA freak), and also I think that is quite limited in shows, details, etc... A colleague showed me how to make a scene, etc... but honestly I've lost my interest, to complicate for me (maybe I'm not so smart as I thought). But with LUMIDMX everything become brighter - after 30 minutes I know where I shall start... Ok, I'm still not "the LUMIDMX master" yet, it's a complex program and I need a lot of time for learn the whole stuff - but it is intuitive and FREESTYLERS have beautiful customer support - in a 1 to 10 scale I would give them a 11 ! (Thank you Thomas Franke!)

Before finishing this first review about LUMIDMX I want to tell that the program looks great and it is very ergonomic - have the exact buttons you'll need it placed handy and no unnecessary stuff and the 3D editor is beyond expectation (I have a ATI Radeon video card at 256 MB on PCI -EXPRESS) and work like a charm!