LumiDMX is a fully developed and professional software

LumiDMX is a fully developed and professional software both for home use and for big events. By operating of most DMX universes with just one software, it makes easier to program light shows and it helps to synchronize individual effects. The live mode is designed simply, where you can intervene directly or it is possible to let run programmed sequences. Even the chaser time is adjustable. The editor feature is also well designed, so it is easy to create quickly and effectively an own sequence. This is very important at some events, namely then when time is limited. Further, you can program a complete light show, suitable to the music. So, you start the program and enjoy the show. Altogether, I recommend the program, it is easy and intuitive to handle and suitable for touring. It can handle the so called softpatch, too. I have not mentioned all functions because the text would be too long but I hope I could give a short insight.
I believe that, there is no need for expensive lighting consoles. This software replaces it wholeheartedly and overtakes conventional lighting controls in parts.

Chatri Czichon (BeatDJ)