With LUMIDMX everything becomes brighter

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My name in Mihai Berdeiu. I am from Romania and I work to a electro-industrial project, hope until summer we'll be on stage. I want a complete show for this project and beside the guys playing on the stage I think the video projections and a well defined light show are mandatory. I've played with a hardware DMX Control Desk - STAIRVILLE DMX-MASTER but after 30 minutes I was totally dissapointed - it's intuitive like a peanut (at least if you're not a NASA freak), and also I think that is quite limited in shows, details, etc... A colleague showed me how to make a scene, etc... but honestly I've lost my interest, to complicate for me (maybe I'm not so smart as I thought). But with LUMIDMX everything become brighter - after 30 minutes I know where I shall start... Ok, I'm still not "the LUMIDMX master" yet, it's a complex program and I need a lot of time for learn the whole stuff - but it is intuitive and FREESTYLERS have beautiful customer support - in a 1 to 10 scale I would give them a 11 ! (Thank you Thomas Franke!)

Before finishing this first review about LUMIDMX I want to tell that the program looks great and it is very ergonomic - have the exact buttons you'll need it placed handy and no unnecessary stuff and the 3D editor is beyond expectation (I have a ATI Radeon video card at 256 MB on PCI -EXPRESS) and work like a charm!